Great mix starter “Sal de mar” (sea scallop, prawn, octopus, squid, salmon, codfish puree, sardines )

Grilled octopus , mashed potatoes with chives and fried leek 

Raw and marinated fish with olive oil of our land 

Natural oysters 

Tomato stuffed with shrimp and crispy vegetables with basil sauce 

Tuna carpaccio, crispy fennel, rosa grapefruit and lime ice  cream 

San Daniele raw ham with cherry buffalo mozzarella and dried tomatoes 

Crispy fennel salad, orange fillets and  olives   





Spaghetti from Gragnano with clams, grated lime and bottarga

Homemade tagliatelle with mixed seafood 

Risotto creamed with Franciacorta, with  raw red prawns and caviar (min 2 pers) 

Home made potato dumplings with lobster and summer truffle 

Cannoncini with wild herbs served with shellfish and saffron 

Trofie pasta with fresh basil pesto, green beans and potatoes 






“Sal de mar” sea bass in a citrus-flavored salty crusty coat   (for 2 people) 

Tuna steak “chef Razman” with plum tomatoes, capers and olives  

Fresh fried cod with new potato chips      

Squid stuffed with potatoes, burrata cheese cream and sweet-sour red onion  

Fish soup with toasted bread       

Istrian scrambled eggs with summer truffle and radicchietto with beans 

Fresh mixed vegetables fried, served with aioli sauce   






White chocolate and pear cream, with spicy red wine sauce, hazelnut crumble and meringues

Dark chocolate cake, with a heart of wild berries jam and bitter orange sauce

Chestnut millefeuille, marron glacè, almond fillets and passion fruit zabaglione

Ghibanizza with slivovitz caramel




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